Yours, Mine and Ours Make 11

Meet the Estrada Family: A family of 11, consisted of Mom and Dad, and nine children between the ages of two and sixteen.  Seven girls: Mia, Angelique, Jayni, Viviana, Litzy, Maria, and Rebekkah.  Two boys: Junior and Arron.

Mom, Jessica, and her husband both work many hours a week at Luby’s Restaurant.  As you may suspect, working at a restaurant does not nearly provide enough money to raise one child, let alone nine.   The parents have a constant worry of providing for their nine children and giving them the essentials needed, like food and clothing. Aside from their combined, low income, of $625 a week, the family does not have health insurance.

To make matters worse, their seven-year old daughter, Rebekkah is disabled.
The medical costs associated with a disability are astronomical.  Thanks to TOMAGWA HealthCare Ministries, the non-profit we have teamed up with, the Estrada’s are provided with compassionate Christian health care, and some financial medical assistance.

The Estrada Family is currently living in a trailer that their extended family helped them buy.  Before the trailer, the Estrada’s had to live in two different apartments at one time, because there was not enough room for eleven people in one unit. 


In a time when finding a stable job is extremely hard, Jessica and her husband are working as hard as they can to provide for their beautiful family.  With their combined income, they are struggling to feed and clothe all nine children.  They face constant struggle day after day.

No child should have to constantly worry about when their next meal will be, or if they will have one, which is why we’re stepping up to help!

The money raised during this community cause campaign will go towards buying the family a freezer, food, and some clothes for each child.  Even $1 counts! How huge of a difference you will make in this family's life… Together, with you and the amazing folks at TOMAGWA, we can do this!

Stay safe and healthy. God bless you!

Chris Draper

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