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EARTHQUAKE Insurance Policy
Danger is lurking around every corner, and unfortunately for some, earthquake is a real risk they have to live with. Because earthquakes do not happen often and are typical occurrences only in specific locations, most regular homeowners policies are not mindful of them. The areas where earthquakes are actually common are the places where earthquake insurance becomes crucial as an added value to homeowners, landlords, business and condo owners.

Earthquake insurance is for anyone who owns a building or a home in an earthquake zone. You may only have a vacation home, but it takes just one tremor to collapse the whole structure. When the ground shakes and sends a lamppost through the property, you want to make sure you have insurance to cover the necessary subsequent repairs.

Earthquake insurance works just like other styles of homeowners policies. The adjuster will come out to the house, see the lamp post that divided your house in half, and determine if that was, in fact, caused by an earthquake. All damage related to an earthquake can be covered and be paid for, at that point.

Earthquake insurance might include the buildings structure only, or it might encompass coverage for personal items and injuries, as well. If that lamppost shatters your great-grandmother's prized vase, the monetary value can be recovered. If the lamppost falls on you when it hits the house, your hospital bills, if any, can also be covered.