3S - Smile and Sight for Sandra

Meet Sandra Parker. Sandra is a 50 year old loving mother of three and grandmother of nine. She currently lives with her daughter-in-law and two of her grandchildren, because her husband was deported back to Mexico, leaving her with little to live on.

Her 2 daughters have moved away, and Sandra was forced to live in a shelter at the time her husband was deported... Now she may have to return to the shelter, from her daughter-in-law’s home, due to an imminent divorce.


Unfortunately, that’s not all. Sandra suffers from high blood pressure and depression, justified by her current circumstances. She has difficulty reading without glasses (which she doesn't have), and is also in desperate need of dental care. She also does not have a vehicle and only owns two pairs of pants and two pairs of shoes. All of these conditions make it impossible for Sandra to be rehabilitated and find a job.

Sandra has applied for medical and dental care at TOMAGWA HealthCare Ministries, where treatments are very inexpensive, as to help people like Sandra. But there is still a cost to Sandra’s vision and dental needs, which she cannot cover on her own.

We would like to help restore Sandra’s health, life and family. We need to raise about $1,000, so that she can be treated at TOMAGWA - full dental and vision care!

If she can be healed, she might just find a job, and be able to establish a home once again. How that would renew Sandra’s hope and hunger for life!

As the owner and founder of Premier Insurance Advisors, I wanted to share this story with you because we TRULY want to make sure our community members are always in good hands.

Please consider joining us in making this happen for Sandra and her family, really! Even $1 counts! How huge of a difference you will make in her life… Together, with you and the amazing folks at TOMAGWA, we believe we can prove that MIRACLES DO HAPPEN. We can do this!

Stay safe and healthy. God bless you!

Chris Draper

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